Beginner’s Course

Beginners – Why join MUKC?

  • Meet new people, make new friends
  • Get active
  • Self discipline
  • Social events and activities!
  • Break from studies and work
  • Mostly students, but anyone can join! We have high school, undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students, as well as past students, and those in the workforce!


Beginners – Membership details:


Beginners – What to expect:

  • Beginner’s Course (first 5 months)
    • Beginner equipment
      • No special equipment necessary. Wear comfortable clothes (eg. trackpants and t-shirt) to trainings. Shinai (bamboo sword) will be available for purchase from the club in the first few training sessions.
    • Beginners are expected to learn the fundamental skills that are necessary to further their practice of Kendo in later stages. These skills are :
      • Etiquette
      • Footwork (ashi-sabaki)
      • Buiding up spirit
      • Basic Cuts (Men, Kote and Do)
      • Single and Combination of cuts
  • Advanced Course (next 5 months)
    • The advanced course is when beginners first start training in bogu (armour). The decision as to when beginners can start training in bogu is left to the president.
    • Bogu is available for rent from the club