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Hey guys,

Here is the latest VKR and MUKC news. Please see a committee member if you have any questions.


Fwd: 2019 Nagae Taikai – new date Saturday 15 June

Dear VKR member,

We have now scheduled a new date for the 2019 Nagae Taikai, to be held on Saturday, 15 June 2019, 1pm at Kenshikan Dojo.

The Nagae Taikai was established in June 2008 in memory of Nagae Sensei who passed away in November 2011.

Mr Sumitaka Nagae, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, was an important figure in Australian Kendo for many years. His hard work and dedication has helped to promote Kendo and Japanese Culture throughout Australia. He was the Shihan (head teacher) of the Melbourne Kendo Club since 1979, and subsequently the head Kendo sensei at the Melbourne Budokai when it first came into life in June 1990, until he and Mrs Nagae returned to Japan in 2008.


The 2019 Nagae Taikai is an individuals based taikai for senior Kendoka. Kendoka who are graded between 2nd Dan and 5th Dan, and are a current AKR member are invited to register.

Registration must be made prior to the taikai by sending an email to No other method will be accepted. Please include your current grade when registering.

Please note that we do not assume that those who registered for the original date in March will still be available. Please register again.

The deadline for registrations is strictly Friday,17 May 2019. No entries after this deadline will be accepted and numbers may be limited.

Entry to the taikai is free.

Further detailed information will be sent out prior to the taikai.

As usual, a taikai can’t happen by itself. It requires dedicated people to ensure it happens. Therefore, we will be requiring volunteers to help with all aspects of the running of the Nagae Taikai.

Kendoka 4th Dan or above (including those who will compete) will be required to assist with shinpaning.

Shinpans will be required to wear the standard shinpan uniform (taken from the FIK shinpan regulations):

1. A plain, dark blue jacket,
2. A plain, grey pair of trousers,
3. A plain, white shirt,
4. A plain, deep red neck tie,
5. A plain, dark blue pair of socks/stockings.

Competitors who will be shinpaning will be required to change into the above uniform where time permits. Otherwise, gi and hakama are acceptable.


We would appreciate volunteers to either help set up the taikai or assist with court duties on the day.

6:00pm on Friday, 14 June
It is planned that the setting up of the dojo for the taikai will be done at this time. This will require cleaning the dojo, organising of chairs, tables, score boards, tatami mats, etc. Your help will be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

AM on Saturday, 15 June
During the day, help will be required with the running of the taikai. If you’re able to do so, your help will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. No prior experience is required to volunteer so it’s a great opportunity to learn.

The dress code for volunteers on the day of the taikai is as follows:

1. A plain white shirt,
2. A plain black/dark pants/skirt,
3. A plain black/dark pair of socks/stockings, and
4. A plain tie – preferably blue.

Some of the areas that volunteers will be required are with:

1. Competitor Registrations,
2. Time Keeping,
3. Scoring,
4. Announcing,
5. Ribboning,
6. Shinpaning,
7. Photography/Videoing,
8. General helping.

If you’re available to help as a shinpan or a volunteer, please reply to this email with your current grade and what task you’d like to help with.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards
Kristine Ventura
Secretary Melbourne Budokai


Fwd: RE: Shinpan Seminar Sun 7 April – REMINDER

Good Evening All,

REMINDER Re: Shinpan Seminar, Kenshikan, Sun 7 April, 1:00.

This is a reminder about the Shinpan Seminar to be held on Sunday 7 April, 1:00 pm at the Kenshikan. Details are set out below.

Please note that the deadline for registration is Friday 5 April. Shiaisha are particularly requested to register. Club Instructors are requested to encourage their members to attend.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.


Yakov Macak
Chair, VKTC

Seminar Details:
To be conducted by Yano Sensei, this seminar will review and reinforce items raised at the recent Nittaidai seminar and is aimed at members 4 Dan and above in principle, although 3 Dans with sufficient shinpan experience and skills will also be accepted. This is not a seminar for those wishing to learn basic shinpan skills. 3 Dans wishing to attend should ask the advice of their Sensei.

Those attending the AKC and likely to be acting as shinpan for the competition are strongly urged to attend.

Registration as requested below is essential to enable us to organise the shiai schedule prior to the day. Those not registered by the due date will not be able to take part in the seminar.

Please reply to no later than Friday 5 April, giving the following information:

Family Name
Given Name
Attending AKC? Yes/No

Dress will be hakama and keikogi, and attendees may be asked to bring their bogu and act as shiaisha for the shinpan practice.

Members 1 Kyu to 3 Dan are also asked to register as shiaisha. It is also an opportunity for these people to learn by listening to and watching the instruction during the seminar. Once again, please email me at the above address to register, giving Name, Grade and Club.

If there are any questions please email me at the above address.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yakov Macak
Chair, VKTC

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