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Hey guys,

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Fwd: AJKF Sensei for 44th Australian Kendo Championships & Seminar

Dear Kendo members,

AJKF have just advised the choice of sensei for this year’s 44th Australian Kendo Championships to be held in Perth, 19 to 24 April.

1) Yasuo SUZUKI sensei, Kendo Hanshi 8 Dan.

2) Shigehiro IIDA sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan

Suzuki sensei has visited us four times previously, while Iida Sensei has visited us in 2017. Both sensei are highly regarded.

Kind regards,

Vivian Yung

Australian Kendo Renmei


Fwd: Shinpan Seminar Sun 7 April

Good Evening All,

Re: Shinpan Seminar, Kenshikan, Sun 7 April, 1:00.

We will be holding a Shinpan Seminar on Sunday 7 April, 1:00 pm at the Kenshikan.

To be conducted by Yano Sensei, this seminar will review and reinforce items raised at the recent Nittaidai seminar and is aimed at members 4 Dan and above in principle, although 3 Dans with sufficient shinpan experience and skills will also be accepted. This is not a seminar for those wishing to learn basic shinpan skills. 3 Dans wishing to attend should ask the advice of their Sensei.

Those attending the AKC and likely to be acting as shinpan for the competition are strongly urged to attend.

Registration as requested below is essential to enable us to organise the shiai schedule prior to the day. Those not registered by the due date will not be able to take part in the seminar.

Please reply to no later than Friday 5 April, giving the following information:

Family Name
Given Name
Attending AKC? Yes/No

Dress will be hakama and keikogi, and attendees may be asked to bring their bogu and act as shiaisha for the shinpan practice.

Members 1 Kyu to 3 Dan are also asked to register as shiaisha. It is also an opportunity for these people to learn by listening to and watching the instruction during the seminar. Once again, please email me at the above address to register, giving Name, Grade and Club.

If there are any questions please email me at the above address.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yakov Macak

Chair, VKTC


Call for Panelists, 6k – 3k Examination Sun 24 March, Kenshikan 1:00

Good Afternoon All,

Call for Panellists, 6k – 3k Examination Sun 24 March, Kenshikan 1:00.

Following the rescheduling of the March 6k – 3K Grading to Sunday 24 March, we are again calling for volunteers to act as panellists on this date.

Ideally we would have 2 panels of 5 examiners each, a couple of reserves, and two stewards.

We have generally used 4 and 5 Dans in this situation in recent years although according to the regulations the minimum grade for Kyu Grading Panellists is 3rd Dan.

Volunteers should therefore be 4 or 5 Dan in principle but 3 Dan will also be considered.

Please respond by sending Name, Grade and Club to Szwarcbord Sensei at and to myself at by 6:00 pm on Friday 8 March. The final list will be sent out on the evening of Sunday 10 March or as soon as possible thereafter.

Could Club Officials please make sure that all relevant members of your club see this email, and could Club Instructors please encourage your eligible members to get involved in taking a wider responsibility for the progress of the lower grades and volunteer if they are able.

Those who have already put their names down do not have to reply again.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.


Yakov Macak
Chair, VKTC

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