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+ VKR Junior Training Times
+ 2018 Victorian Junior Kendo Championships, info and entry form
+ Shinpan Seminar, 5 Dan and above, Sun 28 Oct, Kenshikan, 1:00 – 3:00
+ 2018 UniSports Nationals Div 1 Kendo Competition – Results
+ ANU Kendo Club 40th Anniversary Weekend (17-18 Nov)
+ Mumeishi 3’s and Women’s Individual Taikai 2018


Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news. For more information on any items, please see a committee member.

VKR Junior Training Times

Dear VKR Kendo Delegates,
Please be aware that the next Junior trainings will take place at the following times:

Sunday October 28: 12:30 – 2pm
Sunday November 18: 12 – 2pm

On December 2, the Victorian Junior Kendo Championships will be held. Further details will be sent out closer to the date.

Jularaj Suthibutr
Victorian Kendo Renmei


FW: 2018 Victorian Junior Kendo Championships, info and entry form

Taikai information (pdf)

Dear Club Secretary

Please find attached the information sheet and entry spreadsheet for this year’s Junior Kendo Championships. It will be following a similar format to last year, however this year there will be no Bokuto Kihon event. If time permits there will be godogeiko to finish.

Please read through carefully, especially the entry deadline. This must be adhered to as there is a lot to consider in creating the draw for this event.

Ben Sheppard
Nanseikan Kendo Club
NSK on Instagram


FW: Shinpan Seminar, 5 Dan and above, Sun 28 Oct, Kenshikan, 1:00 – 3:00

Could Club Officials please ensure that their members 5 Dan and above are advised of this Seminar:

Shinpan Seminar Sunday 28 October, Kenshikan 1:00 – 3:00, for Kendoka 5 Dan and above.

Once 5 Dan is attained kendoka are expected to be able to act as Shinpan-shunin, and in some circumstances Shinpan-cho, plus they may also be asked to act as shinpan in Kata competition at the VKC.

This Shinpan Seminar will address these topics:

1 Role of Shinpan Shunin and Shinpan Cho: To be presented by Yano Sensei, this section will explore the various aspects of these positions with the aim of improving our understanding and performance in them. Please read Sections 22 & 23 of The Regulations of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan and Sections 18, 19 & 20 of the subsidiary Rules of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan.

2 Kata Evaluation Sheet: to be resented by Yakov Macak, we will continue to explore the development and use of the Kata Evaluation sheet in judging Kata Competition.

Please wear keikogi and hakama and bring Rule book, notebook and pen.

Please reply to stating Name, Club and Grade to advise of your attendance or otherwise.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yakov Macak
Chairperson, VKTC


FW: 2018 UniSports Nationals Div 1 Kendo Competition – Results

The 2018 UniSports Nationals Div 1 Kendo Competition was held on the Gold Coast on the 22-23rd September.

88 students consisting of 29 women and 59 men competed in the Kendo Competitions, representing 14 universities from across the country.

The results are as follows:

Individual Kyu Grade Women
1) Annalyse Edwards(UTS)
2) Mengying Shi (USYD)
3) Samantha Zhong(USYD)

Individual Kyu Grade Men
1) Macca Hou (USYD)
2) Victot Kuo (USYD)
3) Jeffery Chung (USYD)

Individual Dan Grade Women
1) Yihan Lu (USYD)
2) Chien-Ying Lee(USYD)
3) Xiyuan He (ANU)

Individual Dan Grade Men
1) Tony Liu (UTS)
2) Takumi Ohashi(USYD)
3) Vitor Taranto (UTS)

1) The University of Sydney
2) University of Technology Sydney
3) Monash University

1) The University of Sydney
2) University of Technology Sydney
3) The University of New South Wales

Fighting Spirit
Women’s Kyu – Emily Coady (MON)
Men’s Kyu – Minh Pham (UNSW)
Women’s Dan – Sayaka Ogura (ANU)
Men’s Dan – Benjamin Terracini (UTS)

Overall Trophies and Pennants
Overall Women’s Champions
The University of Sydney

Overall Men’s Champions
The University of Sydney

Overall Champion University
The University of Sydney

Congratulations to the winners and award recipients!

Results and points are also available at

For photos and Video of the competition see

Next year’s UniSports Nationals Div 1 Kendo Competition will be held again at the Gold Coast in September 2019! See you there.


FW: ANU Kendo Club 40th Anniversary Weekend (17-18 Nov)

Dear Kendoka,

On behalf of the ANU Kendo Club and the ACT Kendo Renmei we warmly invite everyone to the 40th Anniversary celebrations for the ANU Kendo Club on the 17-18 November, 2018. Please join us for a weekend of seminars and goodwill keiko with our visiting sensei:

MIYASAKA Masayuki sensei – Kendo 7 Dan (Kyoshi)
MATSUDA Isato sensei – Kendo 8 Dan (Hanshi)
MATSUDA Michiyo sensei – Kendo 7 Dan (Kyoshi)

We are very fortunate to have Miyasaka sensei, one of the founders of our club, joining us for the weekend as well Matsuda Isato sensei and Matsuda Michiyo sensei from Nara, our sister city in Japan.

The weekend will focus on: juniors, techniques for instructing juniors, dedicated women’s session with Michiyo sensei, kihon and kata. The sessions will be for all levels from juniors to senior dans. There will be a dinner on the Saturday night and time scheduled for goodwill keiko sessions on both days with friends old and new.

Lunch will be included on both days for seminar participants. Find out more details about registration, venue and the dinner at:

Via Eventbrite at:
By contacting us at:

Kind regards,
Joe Semmler (President – ACT Kendo Renmei)
Darren Boyd (President – ANU Kendo Club)


FW: Mumeishi 3’s and Women’s Individual Taikai 2018

Taikai flyer (pdf)
Taikai more information (docx)

Dear VKR delegates,


To all club representatives,

Mumeishi Kendo Club Australia Inc. will be hosting our annual Mumeishi 3’s Terry Holt Memorial Championship and Women’s Individual Taikai on Saturday 8th December 2018

Saturday 8th December
The venue for the Taikai will be the Beaconhills College Human Movement Centre,
30-34 Toomuc Valley Road, Pakenham Victoria 3810. Melways Ref: 317 A4

Doors open for registration 8.00am
Opening ceremony commences 9.00am

The Mumeishi 3’s event is open to two teams per club. Each team is comprised of three competitors with a minimum of two and must include at least one kyu grade.

The Women’s Individual Championship is open to all grades.
The entry fee for the Mumeishi 3’s event is $70 per team
The entry fee for the Women’s Individuals is $15 per person

We strongly suggest that each club field two teams in the Mumeishi 3’s to ensure this important event remains viable into the future.

To enter:
[Mony – Entries are handled by the club committee. Please see a committee member if you are interested in competing]

We request that people 4th Dan and above volunteer as Shinpan. Please email Jason Anderson at by 30 November so that we can formulate our Shinpan roster.

Our traditional free BBQ and drinks will be provided for all following the event.

Best Regards,
Jason Anderson
Mumeishi Kendo Australia

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