Latest MUKC and VKR news (11-06-2018)

Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news. Please see a committee member if you want more information on any of the items.


MUKC Zekken/Nafuda order this week (by Emily, from facebook group)

We’re doing a zekken/nafuda order this week if anyone wants a new one ($35 each). Please comment below or send me a message with your surname and character(s) – Aaron will then send you an invoice. Deadline for orders is this Wednesday night (13/06) 🙂


Nanseikan Kangeiko Saturday 23 June (RSVP 17 June)

Just a reminder that this year’s Nanseikan Kangeiko is not far away! All VKR kenshi of any ability are welcome!

It will be held at the Eastwood Leisure Complex in Ballarat.

The date is Saturday 23 June which is also our last training for term 2.

The plan is (for Melbourne residents) to meet at Southern Cross Station at 7.00am to catch the 7.16am train. The train arrives at Ballarat station at 8.40am and from there it is a 5-10 min walk to the venue.

We will finish training at around 4pm, get showered and changed and then head to dinner nearby. The closest Japanese option is not open on Saturday evenings (Google says they are but I rang and they said no). Squire’s Loft is within easy walking distance and on the way to the station. It is good for meat-eaters, however vegetarians would have to make-do with salads and vegetable side orders. Asahi Restaurant is a bit more of a walk but is an option. Please let me know your thoughts with your RSVP.

We will catch the 9.15 pm train back to Melbourne. The train is scheduled to arrive at Southern Cross at 10.39pm. This is later than previously mentioned, but allows us a more relaxed pace for dinner at the end of a long day!

The train can be paid for using a standard Myki. The adult fare deduction will be $15.12 one way. Concession is $7.56 one way.

The cost of the training will be by donation. All food, drink and snacks during the day will be BYO.

Please don’t forget to RSVP!

Ben Sheppard
Nanseikan Kendo Club
NSK on Instagram


VKTC Call for Applications – VKR State Coach Kendo 2018/19


The Victorian Kendo Technical Committee is calling for applications for the position of State Coach to be responsible for the preparation, selection and performance of the Teams to represent the VKR at the 44th Australian Kendo Championships, to be held at Easter (20th & 21st April) 2019 in Perth Western Australia.

Qualifications: Applications are called from within the VKR membership and are generally directed to those members 5th Dan and above. Experience of competing and coaching in Team Events at Club, State, National and International level is to be stated.

Coaching Team: Previous experience has shown that good results can be achieved by coaching teams rather than a single person being solely responsible for the entire campaign. Applicants are therefore encouraged to consider forming a coaching team wherever possible, and applying as a team. The make-up of a coaching team might be a combination of positions such as coach, assistant coach and manager.

Non-Playing Coach: Previous playing coaches have reported on the considerable difficulties faced by a Coach who is also part of the Team. The VKTC would generally favour applications from non-playing coaches.

Report: Following the AKC the Coaching Team will be required to produce a Report on the campaign which should generally include a summary of the results achieved, as well as observations on positives &/or negatives taken away from the campaign with a view to further progressing the VKR’s future representation at AKC. This report will be due on Friday 10 May 2019.

Term of Appointment is for one campaign. The term will commence on selection of the Coaching Team by the VKTC, and will be considered completed upon the submission of the final post-AKC report to the VKTC. Any coach is welcome to apply for a second term.

Selection: It will be the responsibility of the Coaching Team to organise the selection process.

The Funding available to the squad is determined by the VKR Executive and the Club Delegates and currently consists of:

· Payment of Team Entry fees to Australian Kendo Championships

· Supply of Team tenugui and Team nafuda

· Stipend of $200 each for up to 3 Coaching Team members to attend the Championships

· Funds are available if training venue needs to be hired when team is away; prior approval must be obtained before any booking is made.

The VKR also offers organisational support with booking of airfares and accommodation at the Championships.

A Briefing and Handover Meeting will be organised shortly after the appointment between the previous Coaching Team, the new Coaching Team, and representatives of the VKR and the VKTC for the purpose of giving the incoming Team as much information as possible as they prepare for the 2018/19 campaign.

The successful Coaching Team may call for squad enrolments, book training venues etc prior to the VKC, but it is expected that the training program will commence shortly after the Victorian Kendo Championships.

Applications Due: The attached Application Form should be filled out and returned to the VKTC via by no later than close of business Friday 22June, 2017

Appointment Announced: The appointment of the position/s is expected to be announced by Sunday 16 July, 2017.

Yakov Macak

Chairperson – VKTC

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