Latest VKR news (20-05-2018)

Hey guys,

Here is the latest VKR news from Jularaj, VKR secretary.

Fwd: MBK Invite for Shinoda Sensei Visit

Dear VKR members,

We invite you to join us in training with Shinoda-sensei, a previous member of Melbourne Budokai, who will be visiting for a few days this June with a number of other senseis.

There will be two opportunities for keiko at Kenshikan dojo:

7th Jun (Thur) – Normal MBK Kendo Keiko (7:30pm – 9pm)

8th Jun (Fri) – Special MBK Kendo Keiko (warm ups at 6:30pm, keiko 7pm til approx. 8:30pm)

(Visitor fees $10/$5)

Visiting Senseis:
Mr. Takayuki Iwaya Kyoshi 7th dan
Mr. Shuhei Kajihara Kyoshi 7th dan
Mr. Hiroshi Shinoda Renshi 6th dan
Mr. Kazuaki Sanada 6th dan
Mr. Yasutaka Kawakami 5th dan
We hope you can come and join us,

Kind regards,

Kristine Ventura
Secretary Melbourne Budokai


Fwd: Announcement of AKR Executive Committee, Kendo, Iaido & Jodo Boards for 2018-2021

Dear AKR Members,

Complying with section 8.2 of the AKR Constitution, 2018 is the election year for the AKR Executive Committee, Kendo Board, Iaido Board and Jodo Board. All elections were completed earlier this year and below are the members of the new AKR Executive Committee, Kendo, Iaido & Jodo Boards.

AKR Executive Committee for 2018-2021
President: Stylianos Polichroniadis
Vice President: David Fitzgibbon
Secretary: Vivian Yung
Treasurer: Vacant

Australian Kendo Board for 2018-2021 (Chairperson TBA)
Member: Ho Young Choi
Member: Takashi Itakura
Member: Noriko Matsumoto
Member: Yoichi Yano
Member: Bernard Yehuda

Australian Iaido Board for 2018-2021
President: Russell Lawrence
Vice-President: Peter Carr
Secretary: Christine Cash
Member: Tom Johnson
Member: Mark Szalajko

Australian Jodo Board for 2018-2021
Chairperson: Tom Johnson
Vice-Chairperson: Peter Carr
Secretary: Brendan Kee
Member: Russell Lawrence
Member: Christine Cash

Kind regards,

Vivian Yung

Australian Kendo Renmei

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