MUKC O-Week 2018, Trial period for beginners

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Hey guys,

Below is information for the upcoming MUKC Orientation week 2018, and the upcoming trial period for new 2018 beginners. Both are free events, so please come and chat with us if you’re interested!


Monash University Kendo Club O-Week 2018 (from facebook group)

Welcome to the new semester of 2018!

Now in our 27th year, the Monash University Kendo Club is recruiting once again!

So you’ve just graduated from high school, or maybe just taken a gap year, or perhaps you’re even mid-degree OR (gasp) a postgrad. You’re thinking you want to do some exercise, strengthen your mind and body, and become… elite. Or maybe you just want to be able to run for five minutes (you and me both kid), while simultaneously joining an amazing fitness and social community. Luckily for you, it doesn’t matter where you fall on this spectrum – insane athlete, stressed uni kid, just interested in cool Japanese martial arts and want to look badass with a sword – kendo is for everyone! Our club ranges from kids right up to experienced sensei, so no matter your age or level at uni, everyone is welcome 🙂 Come down to our stall (location TBA Closer to O-Week) during O-Week to talk with our friendly committee and see what kendo’s all about!

CLAYTON O-WEEK: Feb 19th to 23rd

What’s kendo? Lucky for you, we’ll be doing demos so you can witness firsthand what kendo’s all about!
> OUR O-WEEK DEMO TIMES: (Clayton only)
– TBA Closer to O-Week
> Clubs Day Demonstration
– March 1st

Did you know MUKC is one of the cheapest (if not, THE cheapest) kendo clubs in Victoria? So if you’re looking for a cheap way to make friends, get fit, and build your mental strength, you’ve come to the right place! Come to our O-Week stall to sign up for a FREE week of trial classes (to take place in Week 1) and give kendo a try for yourself! If you love it, our beginner’s course runs throughout semester 1 and costs a mere $140 overall for one whole semester of two epic sessions per week. (This includes the cost of a new shinai and shinai bag – that’s the badass kendo sword we’re talking about there. If you already own one, please let us know! We will adjust your club fees accordingly.) (Club fees: $100 and new shinai+shinai bag: $40.)

Mondays & Wednesdays 6-8PM in the Games Hall (Sports Centre, Monash University, Clayton)
Please be on time! We start 6PM SHARP.

What do you bring to training?
Yourself in comfortable clothes. And by comfortable clothes, I mean clothes you can do lunges in. So before coming to training, ask yourself ‘can I lunge in these jeans?’ and if the answer is no, don’t. Don’t wear it. Also, take off ALL accessories for safety. Please also bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated!

MUKC may be a dedicated and serious kendo club, but we’re also filled with uni students looking for a good time between keiko (practice) sessions – so what have we got planned for this semester so far??

– Welcome BBQ (Week 2)
– Drinks and games nights
– Joint kendo boot camp with University of Melbourne Kendo Club (Early May)
(and much more to come!)

For further info, check out our website or rock up for a chat with our committee any time during O-Week 😀


Monash University Kendo Club Beginner Trial Week (from facebook group)

Welcome to a new semester of university and/or Kendo!

During the first week of the new semester, the Monash University Kendo Club is holding a trial week for potential beginners or anyone curious about kendo.

This trial event is open to everyone and anyone who may be interested, whether you’ve never heard of kendo before or just want a solid session of exercise. But for those interested in kendo, this is the opportune time to give it a go. 🙂

We also encourage those who cannot participate but wish to watch and observe to do so!

Our friendly committee members are available to answer any and all questions you may have before and after the trial week, so please feel free to have a chat with us 🙂

If you’ve missed us during O-Week or are not a member of the university, don’t worry! You are also welcome to come and train with us.

So please come, participate and witness the spirit of kendo!

The trial week will be held during our regular training times during the first week of the semester.

Trial training times (FREE!):
Monday 26th: 6-8PM
Wednesday 28th: 6-8PM

Regular Training:
Mondays & Wednesdays 6-8PM in the Games Hall (Sports Centre, Monash Clayton)

Please be on time! We start 6PM SHARP.
(Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior.)

What do you bring to training?
– All equipment will be provided for beginners.
– Please wear suitable clothes for exercising in. For example, jeans, jumpers and jackets are not recommended unless you like being sweaty and chafing yourself.
– Water (in a sealed bottle) to stay hydrated.
– Please note, we ask that any accessories (watches, jewellery, bracelets, etc) to be taken off prior to training. This is to avoid any loss or damaged property as well as accidentally harming others.

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