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+ 43AKC Info Pack and Registration Forms
+ SA State Kendo Championships 2018 – Invitation
+ VALE: Akira Tajima sensei
+ Shinpan For VKR Team Selection
+ Shinpan Seminar, Sun 11 Mar, 1:00 Kenshikan
+ Registration and Updated Information on the VKR Seminar (Nittaidai)
+ Nabeyama Seminar Announcement, March 2018


Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news. If you would like more information regarding any items, please contact a committee member.


Fwd: 43AKC Info Pack and Registration Forms

Info pack
Please see a committee member for more information!


Fwd: SA State Kendo Championships 2018 – Invitation

Info pack

Dear VKR Delegates,

Please find below an invitation from the South Australian Kendo Assocation for all VKR members to participate in the South Australian Kendo Championships on Sunday March 4th, 2018.

Please find information sheet, registration spreadsheet and flyer for this event. Note that event timings are based on SA member numbers and will be adjusted should we receive registrations from our interstate guests.

Best regards,

Hayami Aboutaleb
3 Strathmore Avenue
Tranmere SA 5073
Mobile: +61.497.096.280


Fwd: VALE: Akira Tajima sensei

VALE: Akira Tajima sensei
January 8th, 2018

Akira Tajima sensei, in 1988.

It is with great sadness that the Australian Kendo Renmei acknowledges the passing of Akira Tajima sensei.

Akira Tajima sensei passed away, in Tokyo on Friday 5 January 2018.

The Australian Kendo Renmei expresses sincere condolences to his wife Reiko, son Kenji and daughter Tomoko.

Tajima sensei had been courageously battling cancer for a few years, enduring the difficulties of treatment and facing his mortality with great courage, true kendo spirit and even some humour. His courage showed through when after treatment had commenced, he returned to the kendojo for a time, to assist kendo students at a high school nearby to his home.

Tajima sensei’s’ first connection with Australia was in the early 1970’s as a high school exchange student, first arriving in Rochester, near Shepparton, Victoria, then transferring to other locations and ending up in Sydney. Within a short time Tajima sensei was assisting Jun Takeuchi Sensei with the kendo teaching in Sydney from 1973. This continued until 1977, when Tajima sensei returned to Japan for surgery, following a car collision.

Despite his return to Japan, the connection with Australian kendo people remained very strong. Tajima sensei visited Australia many times and looked after many Australian kendo visitors, including hosting them at his home in Tokyo on many occasions. He also organised many welcome occasions for Australian kendo people, when they visited Japan.

Tajima sensei’s’ continuing influence, guidance and support for Australian kendo was profound and deep and will never be forgotten. We are all very grateful for his dedicated help and great friendship and are all saddened at his departure.

The funeral arrangements for Tajima sensei are:

Wake: January 8 (Mon) from 6:00 pm.
Funeral: January 9 (Tue) from 1:00 pm.

Place: Reinanzaka Church.


Shinpan For VKR Team Selection

To All VKR Kendo Clubs

Shinpan for VKR Team Selection

Could Club Officials please forward this message to their senior members:

As foreshadowed in my previous message, we require the assistance of senior members as shinpan for the VKR Kendo Team Selection at the Kenshikan on Sunday 4 February.

The program will commence at 1:00pm with the Kata Pairs selection followed by the Kendo selection process. A more detailed program will be available closer to the date.

A minimum of 3 shinpan will be required with a maximum of 6.

Practising shinpan 4 Dan and above are requested to make themselves available for the afternoon by email to by Sunday 14 Jan. If more than 6 nominations are received (I would hope so!!) we will advise who is required a couple of days later.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yakov Macak
Chairperson, VKTC



Jularaj Suthibutr
Victorian Kendo Renmei


Fwd: Shinpan Seminar, Sun 11 Mar, 1:00 Kenshikan

Dear VKR Delegates,

Happy new year – please find below a message from the VKTC Chairperson:


To All Victorian Kendo Members

2017 is at an end and I trust all members have enjoyed a happy and safe Christmas break.

The first three months of the Kendo year are always busy and 2018 will be no exception. The support of all senior members will be required to ensure the following events are successful:

· Sun 4 February – VKR Team Selection

· Sat/Sun 24/25 February – Nittaidai Seminar

· Sun 4 March – Kendo Gradings up to 3rd Kyu

· Sun 11 March – Shinpan Seminar, see below

· Sun 18 March – Kendo Gradings 2nd Kyu to 4th Dan

The Shinpan Seminar will be conducted by Yano Sensei and is scheduled for Sunday 11 March at the Kenshikan starting at 1:00 pm. This Seminar will be an opportunity for Yano Sensei to address issues which were discussed at the FIK Shinpan Seminar in Korea late last year, plus a brush-up for those shinpan who are likely to be called upon at the 2018 Australian Kendo Championships.

All practicing shinpan should attend.


Yakov Macak
Chairperson, VKTC



Registration and Updated Information on the VKR Seminar (Nittaidai)

Info pack

Dear delegates,

Attached is a preliminary information pack and registration form for the upcoming VKR Kendo Seminar featuring instructors from the Nippon Sports Science University that will be held on the weekend of 24-25 February at Monash University Games Hall, Clayton. Please feel free to distribute to your club members at your earliest convenience.

There are two avenues for registration. I have attached a registration that the club can use to collect the details and payments of their members, and return it to us through This is the preferred way for us as it would be easier to keep track of the names and payments for all sides. When submitting the registration form please also attach a proof of payment in PDF to assist us in locating your payment.

Alternatively, individual participants can register via Google Form found at .

Payments are to be made via EFT transfer to the VKR Account concurrently with the submission of registration. Details can be found on both registration forms.

If you want to take advantage of the Early Bird registration price ($65 for two days) please send in the form on or before January 15. Students / Concessions are eligible for the discounted price at all times.

There will be a dinner planned on the Saturday night, most likely a Chinese restaurant located in Melbourne CBD. The exact location and price has not been finalized yet, but we expect the cost to be around $40 per person.
On the registration forms, please remember to indicate those who would potentially be interested in attending.

If there are any issues or questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Jularaj Suthibutr
Victorian Kendo Renmei


Nabeyama Seminar Announcement, March 2018

Dear delegates,

Please find information below regarding a possible seminar in March.


Dear AKR/Kendo Dojos,

ShuBuKan (SBK) is delighted to announce Kendo Seminar / Camp on 2nd of March till 6th of March 2018. (Depends on which City, Melbourn or Sydney).

The Seminar will be lead by Mr. Nabeyama Takahiro 鍋山隆弘 Sensei (Kyoshi 8-dan) from University of Tsukuba. The aim for the seminar/camp is focusing on the technical aspect and how Nabeyama sensei train with world class kendoka from Tsukuba University.

Seminar (Sydney & Melbourne) is open for all and only with Bogu.
Camp (Sydney Only) is only open for 3rd Dan above (include 3rd Dan), competition players and instructors of a dojo. Due to strictly space limitation for Camp, 40 participant as maximum capacity.

Best regards,
John Ou

Registration is open and further information will be ready a month prior to the event.

Express of Interests/Registration Form:

Please find attached event poster.
Further questions, please contact event manager (John Ou, 0416588155) or your representative dojo.

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas & New Year, look forward to see you at the event!


Jularaj Suthibutr
Victorian Kendo Renmei

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