Latest MUKC and VKR news (31-10-2017)

News Items – 
+ MUKC Committee for 2018 (by Emily, from Facebook)
+ 2017 Mumeishi 3’s Kendo Clubs Championships and Women’s Individual Taikai
+ 43rd Australian Kendo Championships, Seminar & Grading
+ November 5 Delegates Meeting
+ Victorian Working with Children Check Requirements
+ Ballarat Kendo Club 30th Year
+ 2018 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield Competition


Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news – 


MUKC Committee for 2018 (by Emily, from Facebook)

Introducing the new MUKC committee for 2018! We would like to sincerely thank our outgoing committee members for all of their hard work and dedication over the past year.
Congratulations to our 2018 committee:

President: Dalton Reuss
Vice-President: Emily Coady
Treasurer: Aaron Patterson
Secretary: Fiona Zhang
General Representative: Brian Te


Fwd: 2017 Mumeishi 3’s Kendo Clubs Championships and Women’s Individual Taikai
(Mony: Please see a committee member should you wish to compete)


Would you please pass this on to club secretaries.

Thank you

Dear AKR Members,

The 2017 Mumeishi 3’s and Women’s Individual Taikai is upon us again, and I would like to invite all clubs to begin submitting their teams.

Date: November 18th
Location: Human Movement Building, Beaconhills College Pakenham Campus, Toomuc Valley Road


Women’s Individual – $15
We would like to call on all female kendoka 1st Kyu and above to submit their names via the website

Team Event – $70
Each dojo is invited to submit up to two (2) teams of three (3) fighters. At least one fighting member must be kyu grade.
Mixed dojo teams will not be allowed to enter.
Teams can comprise of men and women.
Minimum age restriction of 16 years old (AKR senior member) applies.

I ask that club secretaries register via the website form, or delegate this task out to a single member.

The registration period will close Sunday 5th of November

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at any time (

We are all looking forward to you joining this year’s Mumeishi 3’s and Women’s Individual Taikai.

Best Regards,

Mumeishi Kendo Australia


Fwd: 43rd Australian Kendo Championships, Seminar & Grading
(Mony: Please see a committee member should you wish to compete)

Hi everyone

Please see below email from the NSWKA regarding the 2018 AKCs to be held in Sydney.

Instructions for registrations will be sent out closer to the date.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Vivian Yung (AKR Secretary) <>
Date: 26 October 2017 at 09:35
Subject: 43rd Australian Kendo Championships, Seminar & Grading

43rd Australian Kendo Championships, Seminar & Grading

Dear AKR members,

NSW Kendo Association is proud to be the host of the 43rd Australian Kendo Championships in 2018. Please find below information of the championships, seminar & grading for those who would like to make early travel and accommodation arrangements to travel to Sydney for this event. We welcome you to our vibrant city and look forward to your participation in this important Kendo event in the AKR calendar.

State registrations are due by 11th February 2018. Registration information will be sent to all states.

Friday 30 March 2018 Referees’ seminar, AKR Annual General Meeting
Saturday 31 March 2018 43rd AKC – Competition Day 1/ Welcome Dinner
Sunday 1 April 2018 – Competition Day 2
Monday 2 April 2018 – Seminar
Tuesday 3 April 2018 – Seminar
Wednesday 4 April 2018 – AKR Dan Grading Examination

PCYC Auburn, Wyatt Park, Church St, Lidcombe NSW
Google map attached

PCYC Auburn is located between the multicultural suburbs of Lidcombe and Auburn in Sydney.
The centre is a 15-minute walk or 3-min ride from either Lidcombe or Auburn Stations.

Venue Access by public transport:
Opal card. You can use an Opal card to get around on all modes of public transport in NSW. Opal card is a smartcard tickets that you keep, reload and reuse to pay for travel on public transport.

Distance from Sydney Domestic Airport: Train 60 min/ Car 44 min/ Taxi $60-$85
Distance from Central Railway Station: Train 40 min/ Car 45 min/ Taxi $48-$70

Accommodation options
Liberty Plains Motor Inn (budget)
5 Olympic Drive, Lidcombe Sydney NSW 2141
T: (02) 9649 6554 E: W:

Lidcombe Motor Inn (budget)
17 Taylor Street Lidcombe Sydney NSW 2141
T: 02 9646 5799 E: W:

Ibis Budget Sydney Olympic Park (budget)
8 Edwin Flack Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
T: 02 96483862 E: W:

Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park (business)
Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
T: 02 87621700 E: W:

Quest at Sydney Olympic Park (business)
6 Edwin Flack Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
T: 02 9033 2000 W:

Novotel Hotels & Resorts Sydney Olympic Park (business)
Olympic Boulevard & Herb Elliott Ave, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
T: 02 8762 1111 E: W:

Ibis Sydney Olympic Park (business)
11b Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
T: 02 87621100 E: W:

Alternatively there are lots of accommodation options close to Central Station, Sydney. Also check out: – rent unique places to stay from local hosts – holiday homes, apartments, resorts, hotels – apartments, resorts, hotels – apartments, resorts, hotels

Please email any questions you might have to

Kind regards,
2018 AKC Organising Committee


November 5 Delegates Meeting
(Mony: This is for the MUKC committee)

Hi everyone

The final delegates’ meeting of 2017 is on November 5, 1pm-3pm. The event has been uploaded onto the VKR Delegates’ Google Calendar.

Please send the following to by November 1:

1. Name of delegate attending (or apology if not)
2. Club report
3. Items to add to the agenda

Note: The calendar event has been set so that you receive a notification on Nov 1 reminding you about sending me the above items. Please check your calendar settings and ensure that you can receive notifications for new events and changes to events (Select “Calendar Settings” -> “Edit Notifications”>. If your calendar is set to receive notifications but you are still not receiving notifications, please let me know.

The current agenda is:
1. Notice: WWCC required for everyone who instructs children – members
are to ensure that the option to notify the organisation is ticked in their
application forms so that the VKR has records of the application. The records
are to be audited on a 5 year basis.
2. Notice: Rishinkan requires an assistant instructor for kendo classes
3. Notice: VKR is now officially recognised by Sports Victoria.
4. Notice: Clubs are to nominate two emails for messages from the VKR to be
sent to.
5. Notice: AKR instructor accreditation – trial for all three arts to be run in the
next 6 months.
6. Notice: All registrations for VKR run events (grading, membership, taikai,
seminar etc.) are to be submitted with payment. Registrations submitted
without payments will not be accepted.
7. Notice: Reminder that members from clubs who have outstanding invoices
will not be registered for events.
8. Notice: Visit from Nittaidai sensei in February 2018
9. Discussion: Support for regional clubs
10. Notice: Calendar for 2018 – clubs to obtain dates and submit to VKR
secretary by mid December.
11. Notice: Announce organising club for VKCs. Reminder about VKR hosting
12, Notice: All clubs should read AKR MoDs relating to AKR run gradings and
grading overseas.



Victorian Working with Children Check Requirements

To all VKR affiliated clubs

As of 1st August 2017, the Vic Sport rules for Child Safety were updated. See:

The committee started working on this by reviewing the requirements for Working with Children Check (WWC). We will also adapt and update the clubs on the VicSports Standards and Guidelines in the coming months.

I have rung both Vic Sports and Department of Justice and been reassured that the following clause covers all members who are NOT instructing the children in any capacity:
You do not need a Check if you:
take part in an activity with a child in the same way that a child participates. e.g. as other players in a chess team.
[Source: under the tab for ‘Who needs a Check?’ ]

The VKR will mandate the following:
All instructors (including senior members who may step in in the absence of instructors) to hold a current Working with Children Check (even if the club currently does not have junior members)
The member who is responsible for oral/written/electronic communications for the club to hold a current Working with Children Check.
For applications, VKR be put down as the volunteer organisation you are volunteering with.
VKR to be notified of any changes in instructors to aid with our auditing process.
The VKR will conduct an audit on the 30th Nov 2017.
Please organise and send through a list of your instructors and members and their WWCC numbers.

Thank you.

Kind regards,



Ballarat Kendo Club 30th Year

Greetings all,

On November 11th the Ballarat Kendo Club is celebrating its 30th year. Its been a long road with many ups and downs but mainly ups thanks to the fellowship that Kendo engenders. I’m putting together a display of well wishes from various people around the country and would appreciate any “congratulations” type messages from the wider VKR community if possible. All I need is one or two sentences congratulating the Ballarat Club (not its leaders!!!) so these can be displayed on the day and at our dinner that night.

We don’t expect everyone to attend as its a long drive and commitment to be there but we would appreciate your presence if only in spirit! Please share this with those of your membership who may know us.

best regards,

Gary Oliver
Ballarat Kendo Club Inc
since 1987


Fwd: 2018 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield Competition
(Mony: Please see a committee member should you wish to compete)

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Vivian Yung (AKR Secretary) <>
Date: 30 October 2017 at 12:39
Subject: 2018 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield Competition

Dear Kendo Clubs,

UTS Kendo Club is delighted to announce the 2018 UTS Kendo Seminar and Open Shield Competition on Sat & Sun, 3-4 February 2018 in Sydney, with guest Hanshi Hachi (8th) Dan Senseis, Toru KAMEI Sensei and Kazuo FURUKAWA Sensei!

The exciting seminar + competition package will continue from the 2017 Seminar and build towards another Open Shield Competition which will be held at the end on Sunday, to provide an opportunity to apply our learning into practice in both capacity as a shinpan and as a competitor.

Please see the attached Info Pack and Excel Registration Form for more information.

Cost: $60 per person (5 Dan and above Senseis and kids under 16 with bogu are FREE).

We sincerely hope the seminar adds another beneficial milestone to your Kendo journey and look forward to seeing you here again!

Any questions, please reach out to the club below.

Thank you and kind regards,

Clement Guo
On behalf of UTS Kendo Club
M: +61 4 0161 4820

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