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Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news –


MUKC Night (by Emily, from Facebook)

MUKC Night is coming up! We are holding a dinner to celebrate our club and give everyone a chance to wind down and socialise after a great year. This event is open to all current members, by email invitation only.

Date: Saturday 21st October
Time: 7pm-12am
Location: Monash Hotel (2077 Dandenong Rd, Clayton VIC 3168)
Dress: Casual
RSVP: ASAP, but officially due by Friday 6th October as we need to confirm numbers with the venue. Invitations have been sent by email, in which there is a google form to complete to register attendance.
Cost: Paid MUKC members (and Sensei, of course) are FREE! Plus ones (details in the email) are $15 each.
We look forward to seeing you all there! (^^)


Club and VKR updates (by Emily, from Facebook)

Emily Coady
September 28 at 8:42am

Some announcements:

– Those who went to AUG this past weekend did very well and achieved 2nd place in the Kyu Teams competition! Genevieve Borley also achieved 2nd place in the Women’s Kyu Individual competition 😀
– Shiai training has been postponed to next Monday (2/10)
– MUKC Night is quickly approaching! I will make a separate post about this but it’s coming up on Saturday 21st October. Current members should receive an email with a link to the google form to register attendance.
– Ballarat Taikai is coming up on Saturday the 11th of November, please let either Dalton or myself know if you are interested in competing! Registration deadlines are 4/11 for dinner held after the comp, and 8/11 for the comp itself.
– Mumeishi 3’s will be held on Saturday the 18th of November, again please let Dalton or myself know if you are interested in competing. For the uninitiated, the M3’s are a competition comprised of teams of three, of which at least one member is a kyu grade. We can submit two teams per dojo, so if you’re interested please submit your name and we’ll get back to everyone with who’s going later on!


Aus Uni Games 2017 – We made the local news! (from Facebook)

Video link (Facebook)

We made the local news! Starting at 0:33 is a quick feature on kendo, featuring an (extremely short) interview with Emily Coady and Genevieve Borley mid-shiai 😀

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