VKC 2017 Draws

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Hey guys,

The VKC 2017 draws are below! The first link is the original excel sheet that has all draws for all events. The links following that are to the seperate events as pdf documents. Please note that this draw is the latest version as at Friday 11 August midnight. Any changes after this time that are not relayed to me (Mony) will not be reflected here, although any updates that I do receive will be noted at the top of this post and corresponding files and links updated. Of course, if you are at the event, please refer to the draws on the walls for the latest draw information. Good luck all !


All draws, original excel (.xlsx) sheet – 

VKC 2017 Final Draws.xlsx


Draws by event (pdf) – 


1. Men’s Kyu Individuals
2. Women’s Kyu Individuals
3. Women’s Dan Individuals
4. Men’s Dan Individuals

5. Men’s Kyu Teams
6. Women’s Kyu Teams
7. Veteran’s Individuals
8. Kata Pairs
9. Women’s Open Teams
10. Men’s Open Teams

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