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Hey guys,

Here is the latest VKR news. It’s going to be a busy weekend so please double check the schedule (also available on homepage) should you wish you attend any of the events –


VKR Monthly Keiko

Date: August 4, 2017
Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm (own warm ups before start)
Location: Kenshikan Dojo, 91 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne, 3003 Vic

Cost: $5

Victorian Kendo Renmei 2017 Interhigh Gasshuku

Dear VKR Members,

Please find through the link below information on the upcoming 2017 Interhigh Gasshuku that will be held on September 2-3 at the Kenshikan:

Please remember to RSVP your intention to attend by Sunday 27 August at the latest.
You do not need to pay at this time. RSVPs should be emailed to

Please include how many people will be attending, whether you will be staying the night, and what dietary requirements, if any, you may have.
A hard copy of the permission form overleaf should be completed, signed
and brought to day one of the Gasshuku, along with your payment.

Any questions regarding the event should be directed to Ben Sheppard Sensei at


Update Re VKC Trophies

Dear fellow kendokas,

The new trophies are ready for the upcoming VKC.

The VKR has received many offers and suggestions of names for the trophies. After consulting with long-time members and senior senseis, we have decided to leave the trophies unnamed for this year.

The main reason is: We need to consider the people who have made significant contributions to Victorian Kendo. This requires careful consideration and consultation with long-time senior members within the organisation.

The VKR thank everyone who has offered to sponsor a trophy. We are putting sponsorship on hold until we receive more name nominations and the review panel can reach a decision.

We will send out a new call for sponsor giving first preference to the current sponsor offers.

Again, the VKR sincerely thank all sponsors and appreciate the feedback and suggestions provided by the VKTC, senior senseis and reviewers.

Yours sincerely,

Cyntheia Lim
Victorian Kendo Renmei


Appointment Of Victorian State Coaching Team 2017-2018

The VKTC is pleased to announce the appointment of William Wright, 5 Dan, from Melbourne Budokai as Victorian Team Coach for the 2018 Australian Kendo Championships.

William leads a team consisting of Kenji Sugimoto, 5 Dan, MUKEN as Assistant Coach and Stephen Flahavin, 3 Dan, MBK as Manager.

The VKTC congratulates William, Kenji and Stephen and looks forward to continued Victorian success as both individuals and teams .

Yakov Macak Chairperson, VKTC


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