Latest MUKC and VKR news (21-07-2017)

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Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news. As usual, please see a committee member if you have any queries.


Upcoming MUKC Trainings (by Emily, from Facebook)

Mon 17/7 – Normal training
Wed 19/7 – Normal training
Sun 23/7 – AUG training (MUKC members only, held at Clayton)
Mon 24/7 – Normal training
Wed 26/7 – Normal training
Sun 30/7 – AUG training (MUKC members only, held at Clayton)
Mon 31/7 – ** Shiai practise **
Wed 3/8 – ** Kata training **
All trainings in the Games Hall 😊


VKR Delegates Meeting
(This is for MUKC committee members only)

Dear VKR Club Delegates,

The next delegates meeting will be held on Sunday August 6 at the Kenshikan from 1pm-3pm. Due to the importance of the agenda items being it is MANDATORY that ALL CLUBS send at least one delegate to attend the meeting. Please be aware that the meeting will be held simultaneously with the Pre-Victorian Kendo Championship Shinpan Seminar so please ensure that the delegates are not intending to attend the seminar.

If you have any items you wish to put on the agenda please let me know.

Current Agenda Items
1 – Draft Budget Proposal
2 – Revised Application for Funding Process
3 – Payment Arrears and Consequences
4 – Junior Instruction in Victoria
5 – First Aid Course
6 – Affiliation to VicSports
7 – Trophies
8 – Website Development


Pre-VKC Shinpan Briefing

To all VKR Kendo Members:

Pre-VKC Shinpan Briefing

The 2017 Pre-VKC Shinpan Briefing will be conducted by Yano Sensei on Sunday 6 August 1:00-3:00pm at the Kenshikan.

This briefing is aimed at those who will shinpan at the VKC – potentially all VKR Kendo Members 3 Dan and above.

Shinpan rules and procedures will be reviewed, plus discussion of some new competition guidelines, including how the Kata competition is judged.

Hakama and keikogi to be worn.

As this will be basically a briefing and Q & A session, only 2 or 3 shiaisha will be required. This will also be an opportunity for those people to listen to the shinpan instructions.

Could attending shinpan and potential shiaisha please send their names to me at

I look forward to seeing you all there.


Yakov Macak
Chairperson, VKTC

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