2017 Otsuka Taikai

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Hey guys,

Information about this year’s Otsuka Taikai –

Dear VKR Members,

The Otsuka Taikai commemorates the opening of the Kenshikan Dojo on the 15th of July 1990. The existence of the dojo would not have been possible without the generous donation made by Mr Kenshiro Otsuka and the Otsuka Family.

The taikai will be held on Saturday 15th of July 2017. It is a goodwill taikai and is teams based. As per last year, there will be an Iaido Taikai as well as a Kendo Taikai. Entry for competitors and spectators is free. The Teams There will be pools comprised of teams of three. Each team will have 2 Kyu grades and 1 Dan grade (numbers permitting). The members of a team will be randomly selected so competitors in a team may not be from the same club.

Iaido Taikai Competitors There is no restriction in grade for iaido taikai competitors.

As the Iaido Taikai will be held in the morning, to allow for the selection of teams and the determination of the draw, competitors must pre-register their interest to compete prior to the day. Registrations for the Iaido Taikai will close on Friday the 30th of June 2017. Registrations can only be made by replying to this email to paul.bserani@tollgroup.com. Please include your current grade when replying and do not change the subject of the email.

Kendo Taikai Competitors

This competition is for ungraded members in full armour up to 2nd Dan.

Registrations for the Kendo Taikai will be taken on the day as it will be held after lunch. Therefore, to ensure that there is sufficient time to select the teams and determine the draw, competitors must register before 12:00pm on the day, 15th of July 2017.

Shinais will be checked that they’re in good condition when competitors register.


Senior Iaido members are requested to assist with shinpaning the Iaido Taikai. Kendoka 3rd Dan or above will be required to assist with shinpaning the Kendo Taikai. Please let me know by Friday the 7th of July 2017 if you are available to assist with the shinpaning of either taikai.

Call For Volunteers

On Friday the 14th of July 2017 at 6:00pm the dojo for both taikais will be setup. This will require cleaning the dojo, organising of tables, chairs, score boards, tatami mats, etc. Your help will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. The more members that are able to help with the setup the better.

On the day of the Otsuka Taikai, help will be required with the running of the Iaido and Kendo Taikais. Again, if you’re able to do so, your help will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. No prior experience is required to volunteer so it’s a great opportunity to learn.

These taikais are very important events for Melbourne Budokai so it’s important to have as many members as possible helping regardless of the art they practice. Some of the areas that volunteers will be required are:

1. Competitor Registrations,
2. Time Keeping,
3. Scoring,
4. Announcing,
5. Ribboning,
6. Shinpaning,
7. Photography/Videoing, and
8. General helping.

Dinner After The Taikai

There will be a dinner after the Otsuka Taikai has completed and the dojo has been tidied up. Details of the dinner have yet to be finalised. Please let me know by Friday the 7th of July 2017 if you’d like to attend the dinner.

Further detailed information will be sent out prior to the Otsuka Taikai.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers and I look forward to seeing you at the dojo.

Paul Bserani

Vice President Melbourne Budokai

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