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+ Ballarat Kendo Club Call For Help
+ Kendo 1 Kyu – 4 Dan Grading


Hey guys,

Here is the latest VKR news –


Ballarat Kendo Club Call For Help

Hi everyone

Please see the below message from Gary Oliver regarding volunteers required to participate in the filming of a kendo documentary.

If you are interest, please send Gary an email on or give him a call (if you have his number). Alternatively, comment in the comments below or send ME an email.



Greetings all,

Some of you may be aware that in December the Ballarat Kendo Club began filming a documentary organised by International Award Winning film director, Matt Norman (“Salute” amongst other films). We’ve completed most of the interviews and the keiko shots (Kendo and Iaido) but Matt has a plan for the opening shots to set the scene for the project.

On Sunday morning, March 5th we are asking any Kendo Ka who can make it to present at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. Matt requests all participants to be there in gi and hakama with bogu and shinai. Picture a largish group of enthusiasts by the edge of the lake. Using a camera held drone the film will show a fly in like so many modern pictures / documentaries approaching and arriving at lake’s edge to encounter us doing whatever the director has envisaged. It sounds fascinating and we are hoping for a good turn out to make this project worthwhile.

There is no pay and filming should be over within an hour (two at the most). I know this is our main training time at the Kenshikan but getting everyone, including the director together is always going to be a challenge. So please consider coming along and being part of this event. Bring the family and make a morning / day of it.

The meeting place is directly opposite the Lake View Hotel by the lake. Be there changed and ready for a 9 a.m. start. There are no changing facilities but we can cover that.

Weather conditions are important so we are hoping for perfect weather i.e. sunny with little or no wind! I will post a go ahead or cancel notice on the Ballarat Kendo Club’s Facebook page on the Friday (3rd March) if we are proceeding or not and perhaps through Hoey as well.

Thanks all in anticipation.

Gary Oliver


Kendo 1 Kyu – 4 Dan Grading

Hi everyone

The details for the kendo 1 kyu – 4 dan grading in March are below:

When: Sunday 19 March 12:30pm registrations, 1pm start

Where: Kenshikan Dojo, 91 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne

Application procedure:
1. Members to inform their club delegates about their intention to grade by deadline specified by club delegates.
2. Club delegates enter applicant names into membership spreadsheet and submit spreadsheet and application payments to (cc secretary) by Friday 10 March 2017.

– Any issue with applications should be brought up with the VKR registrar and RESOLVED in time to meet the Friday 10 March application deadline.

– Registration portion of fees to be paid after the grading. Invoices will be issued to clubs. Applicants’ new grades will only be confirmed after registration portion of fees is paid.

– Please familiarise yourselves with the grading application procedures outlined in the document listed below.

– Volunteers required:
• 2 registrations people
• 1 dojo steward
• 1-2 kata/ jitsugi partners – at least 4 Dan

If you wish to volunteer, please comment on this post below or send your name to by Wednesday 15 March.

Membership spreadsheet: Latest spreadsheet will be sent to club delegates/secretaries via email.

Detailed grading procedures:

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