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+ 2017 Nagae Taikai
+ Tora Dojo Training times


Hey guys,

Here is the latest VKR news –

2017 Nagae Taikai

Greetings VKR Member!!

The Nagae Taikai was established in June 2008 in memory of Nagae Sensei who passed away in November 2011.

Mr Sumitaka Nagae, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, was an important figure in Australian Kendo for many years. His hard work and dedication has helped to promote Kendo and Japanese Culture throughout Australia. He was the head Kendo sensei at Melbourne Budokai since it first came into life in June 1990 until he and Mrs Nagae returned to Japan in 2008.

Although all the previous Nagae Taikais have been held in June since 2008, it was decided to change the month to March starting this year as a warm up taikai for senior Kendoka prior to the Australian Kendo Championships in Easter. Therefore, the 2017 Nagae Taikai will be held on Saturday the 4th of March 2017 at the Kenshikan Dojo.

As usual, this is an individuals based taikai for senior Kendoka. Kendoka who are 2nd Dan up to 5th Dan and are a current AKR member are invited to register. Registrations for the taikai must be made prior to the taikai and are to be made by replying to this email – No other method will be accepted. If you qualify and would like to compete, please include your current grade when registering. The deadline for registrations is strictly Monday the 20th of February 2017. No entries after this deadline will be accepted and numbers may be limited. Kendoka 5th Dan (including those who will compete) or above will be required to assist with shinpaning.

Entry to the taikai is free.

Further detailed information will be sent out prior to the taikai.

Attached is a flyer to promote the taikai. Please print it, post it up and pass it onto your family and friends.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers and I look forward to seeing you at the dojo.

Paul Bserani
Secretary Melbourne Budokai


Tora Dojo Training times

Hi everyone

Tora Dojo would like to announce their current training timetable:

Wednesday 7:30-9pm
Badminton Court 20, MSAC, 30 Aughtie Dr, Melbourne VIC 3206

Saturday 2-4pm
Gymnasium, Wesley College, 577 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Everyone is welcome to join!



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