2017 – Huntingdale Primary School demonstration

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By Nicholas Usui-Crook, from Facebook

Matsumoto Sensai, Cyntheia Lim and Genevieve Borley, plus the Advanced Kids all generously donated their time to teach Kendo to the kids at Huntingdale Primary School this week. Plus, big thanks to the adults🙏🏻who assisted🍺

And thanks to Huntingdale Primary School for inviting Kendo to be part of the Japanese cultural activities celebrating the 20th Anniversary of being a ‘Japanese Bilingual’ School.

And a special thanks to Monash University Kendo Club, and Kenshinkan Dojo Club👍🏻for allowing this to happen!

For those interested on how the day proceeded, there were 4, 45 minute classes of mixed aged kids (prep to grade 6). Started at 9:15am and the school provided lunch to the Sensai’s and will advertise Kendo in their e-newsletter.

The Dojo’s, Sensai’s, parents and Kendo kids all donated their time for this special cultural event – many thanks to all who volunteered!⛩🗾🎑🎁🎎🎉🎊🏮🎏🎐