Photos from the 2016 Victorian Junior Kendo Championships

The 2016 Victorian Junior Kendo Championships were held on Sunday 22 November at Kenshikan Dojo.

14 of our junior members participated, with senior members volunteering as shinpan and court officials.

MUKC came away with an amazing 11 medals across the 7 events.

The results were:
Shinai Kihon, Junior Grade
1. Wildsmith, Jay (MUKC)
2. Sugimoto, Shinji (Tora Dojo)

Shinai Kihon, Senior Grade
1. Hayashi, Ryo (MUKC)
2. Garard, Levi (Mumeishi Kendo Club)

Bokuto Kihon
1. Hayashi, Hiroki & Hayashi, Ryo (MUKC)
2. Kimura, Kana & Kimura, Kaho (MUKC)

Shiai, Kyu Grade, Under 9
1. Kojima, Yura (MUKC)
2. Kim, Wonjun (MUKC)

Shiai, Kyu Grade, Under 12
1. Hayashi, Ryo (MUKC)
2. Kimura, Kaho (MUKC)

Shiai, Under 16 Junior
1. Hoashi, Kensuke (Ballarat Kendo Club)
2. Garard, Jordan (Mumeishi Kendo Club)

Shiai, Under 16 Senior
1. Garard, Levi (Mumeishi Kendo Club)
2. Kimura, Kana (MUKC) & Hayashi, Hiroki (MUKC)

Congratulations to all the winners!



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