UTS Seminar Announcement

Good morning MUKC Members!!

Attached are the details for the UTS Kendo Seminar in December. Please read the info pack carefully. If you intend to attend the seminar then please fill in the attached spreadsheet with your details – replace “Your Name” with your actual name in the spreadsheet. Unless we have a spreadsheet from you, we will not include your name.

UTS Info Pack

UTS Registration Form – Your Name

Once you have completed the spreadsheet please email it to the club’s email: monashkendo@gmail.com

We would like registrations to be completed and payments to be received no later than the 27th October (Tuesday), this allows ample time for the club to collate all your details into one spreadsheet to send to the organisers. You will not be included after this date unless the club has proof of payment, therefore it is your responsibility to make the payment on time! All in all, the club will register on your behalf and after collecting the payment will forward it to UTS.

You can make your payment either electronically to the club’s bank or via cash and by entering it on the normal training sheet, etc. If you are unsure of the club’s bank details, feel free to email the committee and they’ll be glad to help out with any issues.

Just to ensure that the fee to pay is clear:

Seminar (both days – Friday lunch included) – $80


Seminar For University Students (both days – Friday lunch included) – $70

Friday Dinner – $25

Therefore the total fee is either $105 or $95.

As per the info pack, if you wish to attend one day, you must contact UTS to discuss this. The contact details are on page 6 of the attached PDF.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Cheers, Winnie

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