Wed 28th Oct, 2015 – MUKC Annual General Meeting

Hey guys,

Our next AGM date has been organised! Please see below from Winnie. This event has also been posted on our Facebook group.

From Winnie:

Hello growing MUKC padawans and seasoned Jedi warriors!!

It has been a great year for MUKC but the time has come for the current committee to step down and pass on the MUKC legacy to the next generation.
For those who trained with us this year and/or have been an active member of MUKC, we thank you for your ongoing support and cordially invite you to attend our 2015 AGM in order to vote in the future committee members of MUKC for 2016.

WHEN: On the 28th October!
.:IMPORTANT NOTE:. We have brought forward the date for kata training (usual date would’ve been the 4th November) in order to coincide with this AGM. So please bring your bokken on the 28th October.
Training will be as per usual starting at 6PM however ending early for the AGM.

WHERE: The AGM will be held after kata training outside in the BBQ area of the Monash Sport Centre.

Overall, on behalf of the MUKC committee of 2015, I would like to thank everyone who has been a great influence on the squad and helped us form such a high spirited and tight kendo family. Furthermore, we wish the candidates for the 2016 MUKC committee all the best.

Monash University Kendo Club committee 2015 out.

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