Zekken and Club Jacket order

Update #2 (14 July 2014): Updated price for Zekken ($35 each) and Jacket ($95)

Update #1 (6 July 2014): Updated reasoning for Zekken change. Added information for people who need assistance for Zekken and jacket payments.


We are now taking orders for Zekken (name bag that put on tare) and club jackets!


All beginners who wish to continue training at Monash Kendo are now required to have a Zekken. This year, the new batch of Zekkens will be in accordance to the rules set out by FIK, that is, only surname will be on it (for more information, please see http://www.kendoaustralia.asn.au/content/?page_id=1210) . Our club has not been adhering to these FIK rules and upon inspection we have decided to make the change now, as it is the sooner the better.

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This decision is also supported by Yano sensei. The price is still yet to be finalised but it will roughly be around $35-$45 each, price confirmation will be sent out soon once available. The price for a Zekken has been finalised ($35 each). The zekkens will be made by Nigel Bacon (a local supplier).

NOTE to seniors: If you wish to represent Monash University Kendo Club at one of the major competition events (VKR, AUG), you may want to consider getting the new Zekken so that we have the consistency and also for the club’s overall image 😀

~Club Jacket~

That’s right!! That black and yellow jacket that we all will wear with pride!! It’s WARM, at least!

Note to beginners: Please purchase the jacket if you are to represent Monash Kendo at the competitions (VKC, AUG etc). The price will roughly be around $90-$100 (again, price confirmation will be sent out soon). The price for a jacket with name embroidery is $95.


##To order Zekken and/or Club Jacket, you must to let me at one of the upcoming trainings or in writing (e.g email) and it must be paid up front NO LATER THAN 16th of JULY.

I will be around before or after training to take orders and collect payments (bank transfer is also welcomed, the online banking details are available under the “Contact Us”). If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to ask. If you cannot meet the deadline and need assistance, you must come speak to the committees prior to this date (16th July).

**Please note that your order of zekken and jacket is subject to committee approval.




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