Beginners: Price and Payment of Uniforms 2014

Hi guys,

The cost of uniforms this year will be $85. We will be placing the order for all uniforms at the end of the week and will need everyone who wants to order their uniform through us to ensure they pay by Wednesday 26th March. We will be accepting uniform payments before and after training on Monday and Wednesday this week.

If you do not pay by Wednesday 26th, even if you have been measured for a uniform, the club will not order a uniform for you.

Please be aware that unless you have made prior arrangements to do so (ie. before now) the committee will not be taking measurements on Monday. The committee will not be taking measurements at all on Werdnesday.

We hope to also order more shinai bags with the uniforms, and will be able to sell shinai once these arrive. With luck, the uniforms should arrive by May. Though we anticipate prompt delivery of the uniforms we do not know when they will arrive, so please do not bug the committee about this.



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6 Responses to Beginners: Price and Payment of Uniforms 2014

  1. Bryan says:

    Hi Sam,

    From my understanding, MUKC does not sell shinai without the shinai bag for the purpose of carrying it around (probably a safety issue right?). Could I buy my own shinai bag online, and then purchase a shinai from practice instead of waiting until May to buy one?



    • samb says:

      You could certainly do so if you wished, as it might speed up the shinai buying process. Of course, if you were going to buy a shinai bag online it might be easier to buy a shinai as well.

  2. Ben Hueppauff says:

    So we’ll have to wait until May to purchase a Shinai from you if we haven’t done so already, correct?

    • samb says:

      Unless bags arrive earlier than May, which is also a possibility (and we hope this is the case). Otherwise you may want to consider purchasing a shinai bag and shinai online.

  3. James Alexander(sandy) says:

    Sam please advise direct transfer info as can not find it on site. As Jay has missed the last couple of weeks at training I have not been able to pay you guys.

    • samb says:

      Hi Sandy,

      The online banking details are available under the “Contact Us” tab. They are as follows:

      Account Name: Monash University Kendo Club
      Account BSB: 063 408
      Account Number: 1000 0361

      Please drop the club an email when you’ve paid. Hope to see Jay back at training soon!

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