Important information about Beginner’s Camp

Hi guys,

Here’s the copy of the email I circulated amongst the Beginner’s who said they were going to camp, just in case you haven’t seen it. Please pat special attention to the car-pooling arrangements, and let me know ASAP if you’ve been left out. Also, it is your responsibility to get in contact with your drivers and travel-buddies. Please make sure you attend training on WEDNESDAY so that you can pass around mobile numbers etc.

I have also sent the flyer MUKEN made up to your emails, which has the daily schedules and room allocations- as well as directions to Apollo Bay and our accomodation. Please familiarise yourselves with the information contained within (especially if you’re driving!) If you haven’t received the email, the flyer is available on Facebook at

If you have any questions PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me!!!


If you’ve received this email then that means you’ve signed up for the MUKEN Beginner’s Camp on May 10th-12th in Apollo Bay. Camp is fast approaching, and there’s a lot of important information to pass on.
Firstly, for those who haven’t paid for Camp yet please get your $115 to Vivian ASAP. We need all payments to be made by next Wednesday 8th May!

Secondly, car-pooling for the camp has been finalised. A big thank you for everyone who can drive who has offered to help ferry our members up to Apollo Bay!! The plan is to leave from Monash University Sports Centre at around 6pm. However, we need everyone to turn up at least 30mins beforehand so that we can pass out equipment. If, for whatever reason, you cannot make it to university by 6pm- or need to be picked up from home, or need to leave later than 6pm because of class- please let me, or your driver, know asap so we can work something out.
The car-pooling list is as follows:
Driver: Nicholas Chan
Rebecca Ly
Vivian Thang

Driver: Sam Baudinette
Tom Baudinette
Kei Yamada
Michelle Goh
Tu Anh Nguyen
Driver: Keegan Almeida
*Not taking passengers*
Driver: Tom Bowden
Victoria Ho
Ryan Walsh
Justin Lee
Driver: Rayen Magpantay
Cheri Wong
Vincent Chin
Heidi Huynh
Driver: Michael Truong
Foong (Candy) Wan
Yifan Wang
Leonie Su
Jake Kirk
Driver: Ian Novotny
Paul Mar
Ethan Wang
Jacob Irving
Michael Cheng
We will discuss petrol costs on Monday after training. Can all drivers please make sure to attend (but you were going to anyway, right?)
Finally, what you need to bring. Comfortable clothes to train in are a must!!! Make sure also to bring along a drink bottle and, of course, your shinai. You will also need towels, basic toiletries, a sleeping bag (or some other means to stay warm and comfortable at night) and, possibly, a pillow. Feel free to also bring along snacks, cards, whatever for the Saturday evening. You might also want to consider basic first-aid supplies (like band-aids, etc.) though this will be supplied by the club.
Make sure you attend training this week so that you can meet your travel buddies and drivers, and so that you can get the latest info about camp from the committee. If you have any questions, please shoot the club an email!

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3 Responses to Important information about Beginner’s Camp

  1. Tu says:

    Hello Sam/Vivian, in regards to the Hakami and Gi sizes, I used these 2 sites to compare and order accordingly.

    Out of curiosity, can you run over the site below and check if it’s something I should source from?

    I’ll see you this Friday Sam

    Anyone randomly looking at this post. Just a shout out there, I’m a Therapeutic Masseuse in “Training”, I’m going to bring some oil but I don’t have enough towels to work on whole body. So if you want a massage on a leg or something, “you need something to wipe it down” ^^;; Hopefully there is paper towel or something else before you take a shower XD Hope the part you want worked on isn’t smelly X)

  2. Tu says:

    Oh, one more thing Sam, my Facebook seems to still be waiting to be accepted into the Monash Kendo Club Group. Or should I direct this to Viv/Bec?

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