MUKEN Camp Confirmation

Hey guys,

Alright I’m glad to have got some emails this morning (very early mornng) about wanting to go to camp. Yes it is fine if you’re paying via bank transfer (just inform us) or if you’re paying at the next training. Just remember that tonight is the deadline to tell me if you want to go and that you need to hand in a form (downloadable on my previous post) with your details.

Here are the names of the people that are coming to camp. Please check if your name is there and I’m sorry if I’ve missed any. Those names in bold haven’t handed in a form yet.

  1. Chris Szeto
  2. Alan Horak
  3. Yu Ying Huang
  4. Joanna Lee
  5. Shane Nguyen
  6. Tim Ong
  7. Tengku T Mohd Yusof
  8. Trent Reeve
  9. Hoey Yein
  10. Vivian Thang
  11. Rebecca Ly
  12. Nicholas Chan
  13. Echo Li
  14. Rico Phan
  15. Sherry Mayo
  16. Katherine Mayo
  17. Tom Baudinette
  18. Sam Baudinette
  19. Weng Liong
  20. Ronald Wibowo
  21. Jose Gacelos
  22. Reuben Chung
  23. Ben Tong
  24. Sarah Mercer
  25. Ling Zheng
  26. Eka Guntor
  27. Tom Gu
  28. Sharelle Chan
  29. Alex Zhao
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  1. Hoey says:

    will get the forms to u soon

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