MUKEN Camp 2012

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again where we’re invited to the annual Muken camp!
Beginners and seniors alike, all are welcome to come 😀

Can you please let either myself, Nick or Vivian know whether or not you’re interested in coming along by Thursday 19th of April?!

Below are the details and I have attached the form which you must fill out and give back to us.

And just like last year, we need volunteers of IRON CHEFS and DRIVERS.

Hi All,

The Melbourne University Kendo Club invites all beginners and seniors of MUKEN, Monash, and Ballarat kendo clubs to the:

Date: Friday 4th of May (evening) to Sunday 6th of May (evening)
Price: $100.00, all inclusive (Ballarat Kendo members – $15.00)
Location: Ballarat

The annual MUKEN camp will be held in a month’s time. It is an excellent opportunity to experience and practise kendo in an intense and sustained format, and to explore uncommon kendo techniques and practises not usually possible during regular kendo training. Everyone will be challenged both physically and mentally, and your kendo will grow exponentially during this weekend. It is an extremely rewarding camp, and the kendo of beginners who attend will be noticeably better than of those who did not; it is a great way to “fasttrack” your kendo.

Beginners will be taught how to wear and fold the uniform properly, be able to wear armour for the first time, practise “kata” – traditional technique training with the bokuto wooden sword, and learn many new skills and exercises. There will be many interesting and fun exercises that can only be practised at camp.

Seniors will have the chance to practise and develop uncommon kendo waza and possibly alternative kendo kamae, and they will also explore the more tactical and psychological aspect of kendo.

During the evenings and nights, there will be plenty of off-time to relax. In the past, the club has played board games, theatresports, and gone on night-walks. On the Saturday night some of the most venturous self-professed chefs participate in the “IRON CHEF” dinner, where they cook up amazing dishes for everyone to admire (and to eat!).

All attendees will be staying in dormitories at the Sovereign Hill Lodge.

Cars and a minibus will be the method of travel.

Please find attached a registration form for “KANAGAWA” Camp, to be completed and submitted with payment to the club by the 20th of April. It is highly recommended that all attend as this camp is very beneficial for your kendo!

For more information, please feel free to reply to this email ( or talk to one of the seniors at training!

In addition:
– We require IRON CHEFs who are willing to cook. If you would like to help, please let us know via email. The club will subsidise your ingredient costs.
– We require drivers to help with the carpool – if you can help, please let us know as soon as you can to help us with our planning. MUKEN will subsidise your petrol costs.

Kind Regards,
Viet Hoang
Melbourne University Kendo Club (MUKEN)

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