Our history in photos – 30 new photo galleries

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+ Aus Uni Games, Gold Coast (2009)
+ Welcome Beginners (2009)
Melbourne Uni Kendo Club Band Night (2008)
Nagae Kata Taikai (2008)
Melbourne Uni Kendo Club Camp (2008)
Beginner’s Dinner (2) (2008)
Beginner’s Dinner (2008)
New Beginners (2008)
Mumeishi 3s Taikai (2007)
Otsuka Memorial Taikai (2007)
Aus Uni Games, Gold Coast (2007)
Monash Kendo Jackets (2007)
Multicultural Week Demo (2007)
Monash Uni Kendo visit to Melbourne Uni Kendo (2007)
Melbourne Uni Kendo visit to Monash Uni Kendo (2007)
Bentleigh Secondary College Kendo Demo (2007)
Dinner Outing (2007)
Extra Album (2007)
Kendo Dinner (2007)
Aus Uni Games (2006)
Kendo Demo (2006)
Monash Uni Kendo Club Gasshuku (2006)
Melbourne Uni Kendo Club Camp (2006)
New Album 5 (2006)
Farewell Party (2005)
Nittaidai Demo (2005)
Melbourne Uni Kendo Club Camp (2005)
Final days of the year (2004)
In-house shiai (2004)
Aus Uni Games (2004)
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Hey guys,

I’ve dug up some old photos of the club way back from 2004 to 2009, a total of 30 new photo galleries! Have a look for some interesting times, familiar faces and places. We should never forget our past and the people who made the club into what it is today 🙂

Use the links above, or from the main Photo Gallery page. Some samples below. Enjoy~

P.S. If you have any other photos of the club that you would like to see on the website, send them to me!

Nagae Kata Taiaki 2008

Welcome Beginners 2009

Aus Uni Games, Gold Coast 2009


Mumeishi 3s Taikai 2007


Bentleigh Secondary College Kendo Demo 2007


Aus Uni Games Team 2004


Monash Kendo Jackets (1st issue!) 2007

Monash Band at Melbourne Uni Band Night 2008


Victorian Kendo Championships 2009


UMKC Beginner’s Taikai 2010

Monash volunteers at Australian Kendo Championships 2010


End of year club photo 2004


Visit and Demonstrations by Nittaidai 2005

Kendo Demo to high school students 2006


Aus Uni Games 2006

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