A message from Yano Sensei

Every year is different and we have challenges in each year. This year 2011 started with a new management team and somewhat less number of key players after the departure of a few graduates. But the achievement we made throughout the year and at all levels of competitions are no different to the previous years. We may not have produced champions but demonstrated outstanding Kendo instead. We may not have produced an invincible team but we demonstrated Correct and nice Kendo. Winning is important and one of the purposes of shiai to test your Kendo and have its strength recognized as a winner, but that is not all. We at Monash, talk about Tadashiku, Tsuyoku, Utsukushiku. If anyone asks why Kendo is not a sport, I would simply say that it is because it has be Correct, it has to be Strong and it has to be Artistic. That is why Kendo is challenging, and why it is life time work. If we have all these three elements covered then, winning will come to you naturally.

Throughout the year, we made good progress in forming the club into a more solid one, and with 20 years of history, the club is more united. We have a good team and leadership on our management. This is the backbone of the club and without this, there is no pursuit in Kendo excellence. This is also Monash tradition as well as Tadashiku, Tsuyoku and Utsukushii Kendo tradition. So all my thoughts and respect goes to these people who constantly sacrifice their time for the benefit of the club. Let’s keep this tradition going.

Lastly, it is a great pleasure to be with this club and I very much appreciate this opportunity given to me to get involved in Monash Kendo. I have read all the messages on that anniversary booklet. Thank you all for your kind words. They did indeed make me feel that I am very privileged to be associated with you all.

Yoichi Yano
December 2011

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  1. Chiaki says:

    I want a “like” button on this page too…
    Congratulations to Monash Uni Kendo Club and wishing you all a lovely new year from the other side of the equator!

  2. Eugene says:

    Super Duper Thumbs Up!!!

  3. Jim says:

    It is good~!!!

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