Monash Uni Kendo Club 20th Anniversary Taikai wrap-up

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Monash Uni Kendo Club 20th Anniversary (4 December, 2011)


Our special 20th anniversary tenugui
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Hey guys!

As you may know, this year is Monash University Kendo Club’s 20th anniversary year. To celebrate, we hosted a taikai on Sunday 4 December 2011, open to all VKR members and clubs. The taikai format is one that hasn’t been used much in Australia but is often used in Japan. The format is called “Tozai Taiko Sen” and literally translates to “East vs West Competition”.

The competitors are broken up into 2 teams with each player playing one match. We were looking to hopefully get 40 competitors, but interest was so high that we ended up with 70 in total! Competitors from 5 VKR clubs participated including 8 junior kendoka (under 16 years old). The 2 teams consisted of a mix of competitors from all clubs, with all Monash competitors being on the East team.

Competitors, officials, special guests and volunteers


The first part of the day was the junior’s kihon demonstration. This was led by Kazuya Kimura (MBK) who teaches the juniors class at Monash.


This was followed by a demonstration of “Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon-waza keikoho” by Monash kendoka.

The main shiai event was next. Because of the large number of competitors, we broke up each of the 2 teams into groups. The juniors group went first and played the first 3 matches. The groups then progressed from lowest to highest grades. After an exciting couple of hours of Kendo, the final score was East 19 wins to West 10 wins (6 matches were draws). A convincing win for the East team!

Tasuki train~

Draw and scores at the end of the day

East team

All competitors




Four medals were given out at the end of the day, one for each senior group for “best display of Kendo”. They were given to Dennis Tjong (MBK), Takeshi Hartono (MUKEN), Hoey Goh (MON), and Itsuhiro Takizawa (MON). Congratulations!


We also presented “Appreciation Plaques” to a number of people from the Kendo community for their contributions to Monash Uni Kendo Club throughout our 20 years. Without their help, guidance and support, Monash would be a very different club and it is no stretch to say, that if it weren’t for a few of them, the club would not have continued to exist to this day. So we say thank you! 🙂

The recipients were –

  • Stelios Polichroniadis
  • Khay-Lin Teoh sensei
  • Arpad Maksay sensei
  • Ophelia Wong
  • Kate Sylvester
  • Cyntheia Lim
  • Yoichi Miyamoto
  • Hiroshi Shinoda sensei
  • Yoichi Yano sensei


Our 20th Anniversary Event was extremely successful. As well as being an important event in our club’s history, the fact that we haven’t hosted such a large event before meant that the pressure was really on for us. Lots of planning within the committee, within the club, with Yano Sensei and Yoichi, as well as with VKR, needed to be done and everything came together nicely on the day. The volunteers briefing session we had the Friday before was attended by nearly all the volunteers and everyone who put their hand up to help set up and pack up the hall, were also on time and ready and willing to do any jobs that were needed. Speaking for Hoey and myself, we were so happy that so many volunteers constantly asked us “what else can I do” during the setting up in the morning. Thanks guys! 🙂 We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks to the various organisers, volunteers, shinpans, officials, and special guests. Every taikai needs a team of dedicated people to make them run smoothly and this event went off without a hitch. Thanks also to those who came to watch. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, we certainly enjoyed hosting it! 😀 More photos can be found at the Monash Uni Kendo Club 20th Anniversary (4 December, 2011) gallery. Videos of each of the 35 matches will also be on the website soon! Enjoy 🙂



Exerpt from the official 20th anniversary event program

Registration table

Setting up in the morning





Packing up


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