Ice Skating wrap-up and photos!

Hey everyone,

As you know we had our end-of-year event last Sunday – Ice Skating at Icehouse Docklands! 😀 Here are some photos we took –

We had about 16 people in total come to the event so thanks everyone who came! Even though many of us didn’t have much experience ice skating, it was great that everyone got out there and gave it a really good try. We hope you all had fun and that your bodies don’t hurt too much! (e.g. Keegan’s face cos it hit the ice lol). Maybe we’ll do it again next year? I know you all can’t wait to go again 😛

Check out all the photos at the gallery – End of year event – Ice Skating (28 November, 2010).

Thanks again all for coming along! 😀

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2 Responses to Ice Skating wrap-up and photos!

  1. Keegan says:

    Mony!!! Nobody needed to know about my unfortunate accident.

  2. Hoey says:

    LOL and to think EVERYONE received notice about it in their email.

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