Mumeishi 3’s 2010 wrap-up and photos

Hey everyone!

As you know the Mumeishi 3’s competition was on last Sunday. We sent 2 teams, Team A – Ken, Jim, Nick and Team B – Long, Yadhav and myself.

It was a pretty good turnout, especially considering the location of the venue (Pakenham.. quite far away!). There were quite a few teams from all over Victoria as well as some from QLD. A lot of supporters were also there along with many VKR officials. And of course the special guests – Sumi Sensei, Tashiro Sensei, and Holt Sensei were all there to watch the competition.

The day started with Taiko drumming demo. I saw this for the first time last year – soooo cooool…. As usual, only 1 shiajo was used so this means that as a spectator, you won’t miss any of the action. Monash fought really well, but unfortunately neither team made it past the pools. Nick and myself managed to grab some wins (it was the first time for both of us to play Taisho position) but special mentions should go to the beginners Ken and Long. They both played extremely well for their first time. They showed excellent etiquette (from the incredibly short demo we gave them!), and lots of spirit. They both stood their ground and gave it their best – it was a great sight to see. Long even managed to win a match! His first point was a kote, followed up by a very impressive nuki do! I must say, even I have trouble doing that! The winners at the end of the day were Cairns, runners up were Trent’s team from Mumeishi. Congrats Trent!

So great work everyone. I think the shiai result, though important, is not as important as the experience – giving it a go. You can only learn from putting yourself out there. And when you learn, you can improve. I hope you all had fun and congratulations again to Ken and Long – you’ve played in your first competition! Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come… 🙂

Check out the photos at the photo gallery! (direct link to Mumeishi 3’s 2010 gallery).

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