A message from Kate

Hey guys,

We got an email from Kate today! She wanted to congratulate us all on our recent VKC results as well as pass this message on to everyone:

What a wonderful well deserved result at the VKC. Congratulations to all competitors and to each individual member of Monash Kendo Club.

Much is revealed by the type of Kendo that is practised at Monash Kendo Club by the result of recent consistent success in Kendo tournaments.

The results across all events at the VKC reveal Monash Kendo Club’s positive attitude and clear understanding of the important principles in Kendo. You can all be very proud your performances and your consistent application of yourselves towards self improvement through the practise of Kendo at Monash Kendo Club.

Holding all of you in mind I will do my very best to represent Australia and Monash Kendo Club at the SportAccord Combat Games held in Beijing, China next week.

Please continue to strive towards your goals and train hard.

Gambatte Kudasai がんばってください


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4 Responses to A message from Kate

  1. Long says:

    Beijing? God i wish i can go back.

  2. Jim says:


  3. Paul says:

    hi Kate, best of luck. one hit – two points. 🙂

  4. Gene says:

    All the best Kate! Thanks always for your continuous support and guidance to us all 🙂

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