Movie and bowling night wrap-up, scores, and photos!

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Hey everyone!

The movie and bowling night we had last week went great! After the event I asked a few of the juniors to write a short description of the night. I think Ken’s piece sums up the night really nicely:

The evening started off with a great movie, certainly one of the many which I would have missed without the company of others; I don’t head to the movies often. The short break later was spent walking around and into Borders. The conversation with fellow juniors both engaging and humorous.

Then came the bowling. It was fun to watch and join in the delight for every strike, and the good-humoured cheers and laughters for every pin missed, be it mine or otherwise. The incident where I accidentally dropped the ball during the backswing, look on with horror as the ball rolled down the gutter and then turned around to see the sight of seniors doubled over in laughter was definitely one not to be forgotten.

The evening went by swiftly, and I would have wished that it would last longer. It did make me feel closer to everyone and sharing something outside of regular club training does feels great. A huge shout-out to the seniors who had made this possible. Thanks heaps.

Thanks for that Ken 🙂 We will definitely have more events such as this throughout the year! Next time, hopefully we can get more of us going!

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, here are the scores for the bowling. Congrats Akira! We played 3 games in total:

  1. Akira – 350 (75, 139, 136)
  2. Keegan – 303 (82, 91, 130)
  3. Yadhav – 295 (71, 111, 113)
  4. Justine – 289 (95, 96, 98)
  5. Masato – 289 (96, 101, 92)
  6. Mony – 277 (83, 76, 118)
  7. Chiaki – 251 (79, 96, 76)
  8. Riku – 243 (106, 77, 60)
  9. Eric – 241 (92, 68, 81)
  10. Peter – 241 (94, 74, 73)
  11. Liam – 237 (68, 111, 58)
  12. Negi – 216 (95, 73, 48)
  13. Amane – 171 (46, 80, 45)
  14. Ken – 163 (33, 85, 45)

Ken, you are one crazy dude… 😀 Oh yeah, we’ve also put up the photos from that night, as well as some from the dinner at Korean Garden, and also the ones from Melbourne Uni Taikai 2010. As usual, you can find them at the photo gallery! Enjoy~

Thanks guys for coming and making it a great night 🙂

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4 Responses to Movie and bowling night wrap-up, scores, and photos!

  1. Chiaki says:

    Nice post Ken!

    We surely should have more outings like that, official or not!

  2. Hoey says:

    i second that. sorry i couldnt make this one. parents were down!!!

  3. Keegan says:

    Akira! You are going down next time!!!

  4. Akira says:

    I’ll maintain my position ‘coz this view is just so awesome, Keegan 😛

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