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The latest news from VKR:

  • VKR Kendo Shinpan Seminar (RSVP through Mony before Wed 19 May 2010!)
  • Kenshikan News – Nagae Taikai/Otsuka Taikai/20th Anniversary of the opening of Kenshikan/Chiba Sensei and Oda Sensei visit

Date:    Sunday 23 May 2010
Time:    2:00 – 5:00
Venue:    Kenshikan, 91 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne

Do you want to become a better kendo player? – LEARN TO REFEREE!

By learning to referee you will:

  • develop insight to pick a valid point
  • understand how a valid point is constructed
  • learn opportunities to strike
  • understand the role of each referee on the court
  • understand the importance that referees play in developing kendo
  • develop authority and presence on the court

These skills, when acquired and refined will translate into improving your own kendo in keiko and shiai!

Who will benefit?
All grades – Dan grades will participate in shinpan practice. Kyu grades will participate in shiai and will gain by understanding what referees are looking for to award a valid point.

Yoichi Yano
Khay-Lin Teoh

Kendogi, hakama & bogu

Recommended reading
The Regulations of Kendo Shiai & Shinpan.

The Regulations of Kendo Shiai & Shinpan, notebook & pen.

Special request
Any available players to participate in mock shiai for referee practice

Sunday the 18th of July 2010 will be a very big day for Melbourne Budokai.  Three big events will be held on this day :

1.  The Nagae Taikai in honour of Nagae Sensei,
2.  The Otsuka Taikai in honour of Kenshiro Otsuka, and
3.  It’s the 20th Anniversary of the opening of Kenshikan on the 15th of July 1990.

Further details will be emailed once they’ve been determined.

Chiba Sensei and Oda Sensei will once again be visiting Melbourne Budokai between the 29th Of July 2010 and the 31st Of July 2010. Apart from last year, they have frequently visited MBK and provided valuable instructions in Iaido and Kendo.  This year will be no different.  It is anticipated that a similar schedule as to the previous visit will be organised.  Once the schedule has been confirmed another email will be sent.

I hope you can make it as both Senseis are highly ranked and very well respected in Japan.  We’re very fortunate to have them visiting and all members should take advantage of this special opportunity.

Cheers and I look forward to seeing you during the visit.

Paul Bserani
Secretary Melbourne Budokai

If you are interested in the Kendo Shinpan seminar, please let me (Mony) know by next Wednesday’s training (Wed 19th May 2010).


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