AKC 2010 – Regarding registration for AKC, Seminar and Dinner

Hey everyone,

Passing on some information from the VKR –

In order to dispel any misconceptions that may have arisen, please take note of the following regarding the Australian Kendo Championships competitions, seminar and dinner, and inform your members.

All kendoka who have not been at squad training and/or are not registered in the google group set up by Arpad Maksay (State Coach) for this purpose and who intend to compete, attend the seminar and dinner (any or all). Squad training members will be asked by email whether or not they will be attending the various functions etc.

Everyone else is required to register with me. Ideally everything should be coordinated by your club secretary, but I will accept individual registrations sent to secretary@kendovictoria.asn.au .

Please remember that you need to tell me if you would like to be considered for the competition (i.e. in which division you will be competing e.g. Women’s Dan Grade, Veterans’ etc.) and your grade in Kendo. Also I need to know if you are going to be attending the seminar Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th April, and/or the official dinner on Saturday 3rd April at MSAC.

That’s the good news, the bad news is I would like to have the information by this Friday 26th February, as we need to collate the information and have it all packaged by the following Friday for the various bodies that have decision-making and organising to do before the AKC 2010.

I have created a form (see attached) to make it easier for the information to be filled out. (You should have already filled out your application for grading if you intend to attempt one and have your senior instructor sign it. If not please do it now.)

Please make sure that this information gets out and comes back in time. Late entries will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances.

So, if you intend to compete, attend the seminar, or attend the dinner AND ARE NOT REGISTERED AS A VIC SQUAD MEMBER, you must let me (Mony) know ASAP. However, if you are registered as a Vic squad member (you’ve been attending trainings and are on the Vic Squad google group set up by Arpad) then disregard this notice as you will be asked via email.

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