35th AKC Call for volunteers

Hey everyone!

The VKR has asked every club to supply at least 5 volunteers for the upcoming Australian Kendo Championships (AKC) being held in Melbourne during 3rd-4th April, 2010. I reckon we can supply more that that! 😀

A note from Stilts Sensei (VKR secretary):

The team organising the event cannot do it alone and we need your help to make the 35th Australian kendo Championships the best championships we have had, ever. Please remind people that no previous experience in assisting in competitions is necessary (just a lot of enthusiasm) as there will be others with more experience there, ready to answer any questions as well as doing their bit to help.

As well as meeting new people and learning new skills, you’ll also be watching some great Kendo and showing your support for our club as well as Victorian Kendo.

So if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, reply to this post or email the committee at monashkendo@gmail.com! Please get back to us before 28th February. Hoping to hear from you guys! The more the merrier!

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