Nittaidai (Nippon Sports Science University) visit this February

Hey everyone!

Nittaidai are once again visiting Australia for their “Japanese Martial Arts and Traditional Performing Arts” demonstrations. The Kendo-related events will be:

  1. Friday 12th February 2010: Training with VKR members. Starts at 18:00 at The University High School gymnasium, Story Street, Parkville.
  2. Saturday 13th February 2010: Nittaidai demonstration. Starts at 16:00 at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre Showcourt, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, Victoria 3206. Admission price: free.

This is a great opportunity to train with, and witness one of the best Kendo universities in Japan. All are welcome to the Friday training no matter what grade you are, so please try to make it! Saturday’s demonstration at MSAC will include various other martial arts as well as Kendo. And it’s free too so please come along!

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3 Responses to Nittaidai (Nippon Sports Science University) visit this February

  1. Kassandra Lo says:

    FYI: Japanese Martial Arts / Traditional Performance Arts by Nippon Sports Science University in Sydney (Nittaidai) 日本体育大学

    日本体育大学 – 武道 と 日本 の 伝統 芸能 シドニー 実演会のご案内

    Monday, 15 February 2010 – Keiko session
    UNSW Fitness/Aquatic Centre: 5:30pm starts
    venue: (

    Tuesday, 16 February 2010 – Demonstration
    USYD (Sports & Aquatic Centre): 6:30pm starts

  2. Paul says:

    Dear Cassandra,
    Welcome! You are the lucky first person outside Melbourne to comment here. Please enjoy your stay!

    p.s. I think most of us are still recovering from the injuries from Friday 12/2/10 when training with Nittaidai Ikemen Kendo students…..

  3. Kassandra Lo says:

    After Nittaidai visited Sydney, we had 2 days keiko/training with Kanto University Kendo Federation – 関東学生剣道連盟 – Sydney Culture Exchange 06/07 March 2010.

    Togasaki Sensei, Kujirai Sensei and sixteen students will be in Melbourne Monday 08 March 2010. Hopy you all have good keiko with everybody from Kanto University Kendo Federation – 関東学生剣道連盟.

    BTW, I have uploaded Nittaidai keiko and demonstration videos:

    Please email me your postal address if you want the demonstration DVDs. CU all @35th AKC in Melbourne.


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